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A trained expert in the application of many different healing modalities, scientifically proven techniques and therapies.

It's known we possess all the wisdom within ourselves necessary to overcome unwanted behaviors, negative thought patterns, and bad habits. Although sometimes it can be difficult to access your inner wisdom to bring about the changes you desire. With the support of an expert you'll learn the century old ways of accessing your inner wisdom and applying it in your daily life.

In order to understand how to change unwanted behaviors, bad habits and negative thought patterns; it's important to discover how those undesirable processes began.

Some science(y) stuff  ....The human brain has approximately 86 billion neurons with hundreds of trillions of connections called synapses connecting them together. Each neuron is like a microprocessor in a computer, receiving signals from other neurons through synapses and sending out its own signals over axons (communication wires) so that information can be shared throughout the whole system.

Ok what the heck ... does that mean exactly?

Here's an analogy:

Let's take a house for instance, and yeah let's go ahead and make it a "smart home". A house when built starts with an idea, design then a foundation is built. In a larger home you'll find many different rooms, and typically they are connected to other rooms, or hallways. When you step into a room it has specific use, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, playroom, bathroom etc... . Within each room there is a basic understanding what needs to happen in that room. You turn on the lights, you use that room for its purpose then you move on to another room with purpose. When you understand the layout of the home you know exactly which path to take to get to the kitchen, etc. . In a bedroom you may sleep, dress, undress, read etc... you're "doing" things (processing) and when you're done you take a pathway to another room to process what happens in there and it continues throughout your daily life, you go from building to building, town to town, city to city - to get to certain places outside of your home with the foundation you need to use a "map" or "GPS" where it has instructions with preprogrammed roadways, most commonly used and it also has roads less travelled. Sometimes you can even find ways to create a path where one never existed - it can be tough at first but if travelled enough it becomes a path where you might even pave it one day. 

Oh and hey... I haven't forgotten about the smart home part of the analogy - although pretty cool having everything already setup for you, with a set of instructions you can manage the entire home - but what if something goes wrong in the smart home - the wiring gets damaged some how, not used enough etc... do you have the ability to re-wire your home or do you need to call in an expert?

Much like a smart home, we are being instructed/taught  how to survive every moment of everyday of our lives- by your parents, peers, teachers, friends parents etc... you are being "wired" in essence. Shared knowledge passed down from generation to generation, instruction manuals were written and when you became a parent you'd follow what you were taught, or you would decide to learn new ways from other people with similar ideas.  You see, our perception of the world is based on our own "programming" how we were taught, who taught us.  And in those learnings there may be some things that no longer serve us, there may be some ideas that need to change based on evolution, whichever, however, whoever... we evolve and for us to continue to evolve new programming needs to be added. 

Tough for some to swallow, but it's proven that for every unwanted behavior, negative thought pattern(s), bad habit it most certainly served us in someway at sometime. Then we discover it no longer serves us so we want to get rid of it.  Unfortunately for us, unlike computers, microprocessors, and other machines we build to make our lives more convenient, programs can simply be erased/deleted easy peasy.  For us humans we are not so simplistic we are wired much differently much more complex - we have Emotions to contend with. As human beings we rely on our senses to store information, memories, pictures, symbols, sounds etc. and sometimes the emotions attached to those stored memories make it extremely difficult for us to (re-route) create a new neural pathway. There is so much more to understanding the mind, and scientists have only truly just begun to realize that we are not "hardwired" that we can create new pathways for instance a fire station might have a fire pole to the first floor to get us to the foundation quicklyWe can in fact take a direct route without years and years of "undoing" we can create a new direct path to bring about changes in behaviors, negative thought patterns, and bad habits just as quickly as we learned them!

Alas ... through science there is a way, once you understand how to remove the "old unwanted parts of the foundation" and replace with the new evolved, improved parts to the existing foundation and create new pathways to your desired behaviors, positive thoughts and healthy habits.  You've had the ability in you all along - your own inner wisdom is your true guide, and with an expert by your side you will become the new you, the authentic you, you will learn the art of self-mastery.

The Intuitive Neur❀Coaching 20 week Intensive is a  unique and personalized approach to change that utilizes your subconscious mind. With Kris Adkins as your guide, you'll be able to work with your own inner wisdom, calling upon your subconscious to bring forward everything you need for success. Unlike other methods that have failed you in the past, I'll use holistic healing modalities century old practices, scientifically proven techniques and therapies to help you create new neural pathways, helping you become your authentic self on your journey through self-mastery.

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