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Live Authentic

Apr 19, 2021

Most individuals live their total lives never discovering their authentic self. They never discover the individual they were meant to be, nor do they develop themselves to their largest potential. Regrettably, this is much easier said than done, for it requires time and effort to undo programmed habits and modes of living.

It's time for us to claim our bona fide self and live life to our best potential. To be authentic means to discover the key to happiness and success inside oneself, not inside the society that they live in. Society commonly means the outside system of authority that consciously and unconsciously orders the direction and conduct of our lives. Do you ever question why it is so crucial to live a particular way, with a particular car, home, school degree, and so forth? It's because society orders it to be so. To live and be your bona fide self, you must free yourself from that cultural prison house. You must think for yourself and produce your own thoughts, needs, and wants. Then, and only then, you're being authentic.

When you live a bona fide life, you're living the life that vibrates with your inner being. You will not obligate yourself with destructive habits, relationships, or lifestyles. You'll acquire inner strength and let go of manipulation, power plays, cruelness, and hate. You'll discover that your life is being advanced to a higher spiritual level. You'll be thinking about mankind, instead of self. You won't be afraid of reality and will deal with fear in a better way.

We're not humans having a spiritual experience; we're spiritual beings having a human experience. This truth has been conveyed since the start of time. We're just now starting to comprehend it. We need to adopt it, live it, and share it with other people. If we do this, our domain will have less fear and devastation, and more love, felicity, and abundance.

When we ask individuals why they carry on to live a distressed and unfulfilled existence, they frequently respond, "they don't understand why." For instance, if they're unhappy with their line of work, we ask them, "Why do you stay on and be unfulfilled at your occupation, daily?” Or “Why do you continue to act in a way that isn't necessarily healthy, like smoking or drinking a bit much?” What we notice is that they don't know why they do particular things. They just continue to do it from habit. What we have found is that their behavior doesn't match with their values, thus they're not living genuinely.

We encourage you to lead yourself into a life of genuineness. You might need to spend some time and mull over precisely what it is you wish from your life, and who precisely you are. It's a journey that will lead you to unbelievable things.