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The Power of Small Steps Towards Success

authenticallyunapologetic collectiveintelligence collectivewisdom empower perseverance May 01, 2021

Today, I encourage you to make the decision to take control and take "action".

In order to achieve your goals and be truly successful, you need to do something about it. Nobody else will do it for you.

Many of us sit around wishing, praying, and hoping that something amazing will happen, but it never does. We think how great it would be if... If I had millions of dollars in the bank if I had the freedom to travel the world, if I were the CEO of an organization, if I started the nonprofit that I know would make a difference, if I achieved the goals I set for myself; but we are not ready to take that first step.

The reality is that there is such a small percentage of us that actually do something about it and take action. Are you one of them? You dream big but are not ready to do what it takes. You are paralyzed by the thought of taking a step forward. You don't know where to begin and so you decide not to start. You have just made your goal unattainable.

If you just take this first step, you can achieve remarkable things. Take action today. Don't wait until tomorrow or when the time is right.

Start now. Just a first step and move forward. No matter how small the step, just take it!