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Learn To Set Limits

May 31, 2021

In short, learn to say no. Do not blame yourself and be ashamed. Say no to people and things that you don't want. Just say no. It's your right, it's your time, it's your energy.

When it doesn't serve you, work for you, fortify yourself, help you, or make yourself sincere. Seriously ask yourself if you need to have it in your life. If the answer is no, nothing is. Get it out of your life.

A happy, fulfilling, and rich life also has strong limits. The two go hand in hand. You can't let people run over you. This is doing them and you a disservice.

Learn to respect yourself. Learn to demand respect from others. When people don't respect you, your time, your energy, or your efforts, you understand that they have no limits and that it is your responsibility to put them into practice. Boundaries are an integral part of your responsibility to yourself and your self-sufficiency. Surround yourself with the right people.

The more you adapt to what feels right for you, the more you develop a lifestyle that suits you and that you are passionately interested in, the more you will find your life rich and meaningful.

Every time we act against ourselves, we betray ourselves. We cannot be fooled into not noticing when we betray ourselves. We will notice and it will affect the quality of our life.

Build a lifestyle that you love. Incorporate habits into your life that strengthen and maintain you and your lifestyle.