I set out on my journey of self discovery, searching for my "life's purpose" as many of us do, I said to myself, 'now that I'm older and know who I am it's time I find my purpose' . Imagine spending your time searching everywhere, looking outside of you, all around you and before you know it twenty years have passed. Then I discovered  something unexpected, something I truly never saw coming...

I wasn't the me I thought I was!

Along my journey to finding my life's purpose, I uncovered the Truth; I am not the person I thought I was.  I was really a person that existed because of all of my past learnings, memories, teachings, simply a bunch of stored memories telling me who I "am". Ha as I write this now I'm thinking we're really... simplistically speaking ...

- Energy - Everything is energy - 

Way to dive right in there ... okay so I'll step back a minute, breathe and well, lets just say this... who I am today does not define my future - yes while it's a true statement - we are a product of all that we've experienced in our past - it's also true that we can create new any part of that "product" we've become.  Our past does not dictate our future self. 

In this self discovery, it's important to note I am still learning, I believe I will forever be learning, growing, expanding...

When I discovered that I have the ability to "un-do" to "re-do" to create new the person I truly want to be, not the person that I was taught, told, learned to be, but my true authentic self I first had to discover or rather uncover Me.

This is how iHealing I & Authentically Unapologetically You Collective was created.  

i needed to Heal I & find my authentic self - and to never ever apologize for who I truly am. In understanding that we are all energy, creating a Collective for self discovery, self-mastery just makes sense. 

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What makes one a master?
You know that old saying? ... "Jack of all trades Master of None".  This saying is  horse pucky!  Turns out you can create the life you desire.  I personally believe the answers are deep within your true self and with self discovery you'll gain insight into who you really are, not the one society has programmed, not the one that your teachers have told you you are, not the one your parents said you "should" be but the true you. Most of use go through this life believing we are who we are so get used to it right?!  Well, no that's not right, you are in control of you and you can most certainly Master self. 

You could say I've been studying people throughout my entire existence, people fascinate me, therefore my passion is people; the science of the mind, how one behaves, stores memories, how they are invoked, retrieved, action, reaction. Why we suffer from physical ailments disease. The reality of change and how we truly apply the changes we desire most in our life, in our quest to self-mastery which essentially is self-love.

“There is an infinite field of energy that exists beyond our present concept of space and time, which unites all of us.”

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

"If what you imagine, can become a reality and added to your memory, since your brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined you truly have the ability to achieve greater things then you ever thought possible.
- Kristin Adkins

Once you understand that your brain is merely a storage of information and recalls it when needed. You can then start to believe whether you actually experience or create the experience, your memory recalls the experience in the same way, when you've attached emotions to the experience.

Come with me on this journey of self discovery and we will grow, inspire, encourage one another to live our passions, our divine purpose, to be whole - Mind body and spirit become one. We have a lot more to learn, discover, create! I'm so excited to bring this platform to you to have the opportunity to work together as a collective with all those who are seeking their true self, or simply wanting to be the master of their destiny.

 Meet Founder of iHealing I and Authentically Unapologetically YOU - Kristin Adkins Having  treated & coached well over 50,000 people in her career and of the 50,000 the majority have experienced permanent change. Kristin is board certified Master Practitioner & Trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. Kristin is also a Reiki Master, Master Energy Healer & Intuitive Coach. 

Intuitive NeuroCoaching allows me to share with you all the modalities I've mastered to help you achieve your true authentic self.

My Home Life

There are two amazing children in my life, my highly intelligent daughter; who was born in Augsburg Germany and my incredibly smart Son who happens to be tall and handsome.
You may occasionally hear about Sophie, or Sophia when she’s naughty. She’s the most lovable beautiful blue nose rescue Pitty you’ve ever met, the mother of Peanut (Catahoula), who is quite the character and thinks he is the same size as Bobo (Bowie when in trouble) who happens to be a chihuahua mix.
I relish living in the country and I love my horses (more commonly known as pasture pets) Otto a retired racehorse, who by the way is quite the comedian. Then there's Dunley, yes he's a handsome dun, now that Otto is getting up there in age, he seems to think he's in charge. All I can say is, Otto just lets him get away with being naughty.   
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Some Healing Techniques I Love

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Reiki Master Energy Healer

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Emotional Freedom Techniques 

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Intuitive NeuroCoaching

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Oracle & Tarot
Card Reader


Recently diagnosed & living with  Autoimmune Disorders.

Travel this journey with me as I search for answers to discover a natural non invasive way to change this diagnosis.

What do the professionals in this field really know?

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Discussions with Doctors and Healers